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2009. június 17., Szerda 19:42
"Flowers From Exile" - Jerome Reuter (Rome) interview

Behind our virtual microphone: Jerome Reuter, frontman of Rome, on the occasion of their new album, called Flowers From Exile.
Questions by szurke, hungarian translation by deadhead.
Your fourth album "Flowers From Exile" is scheduled for June 26. What this title symbolises?
Please tell us some words about your new album. Do the songs have a common theme?

"Flowers From Exile" is quite a self-explanatory title once you hear the record, I guess. This time around we worked around a more distinct theme: the Spanish Civil War and the years of exile and flight that thousands of people had to go through. My uncle's family were refugees from that war, which is basically what got me into writing about that. But it's not some kind of documentary. The songs all have their own purpose and meaning but of course they are all linked to that world and theme.

What are the differences compared to the earlier albums?
The song "Secret Sons of Europe" is something very new with the flamenco. From where this idea came?

I think the main difference is our more meticulous approach. We recorded everything ourselves - meaning there's fewer found sounds or samples used. It took us a lot longer to make this album as before, because we really put a lot of love into details: starting with the lyrics and going all through the different phases of production, we just cared much more about the quality of everything. The idea with the flamenco was just a natural thing to do, considering that Spain and it's culture were part of the main focus of this record.

I saw the song titles and one of them impressed me: "We Who Fell in Love with the Sea", please tell me some info about this song. Its a song about sailors, perseverance and fight with the strengths of the nature?

Not really sailors, no. But wanderers certainly. It's a song about brotherhood, life on the road with few belongings, the love of freedom.

What is your source of inspiration and how does the writing process happen?

I get inspired by a lot of things actually. Most of the time it's books and movies. And of course I listen to a lot of music as well. I usually toy around with my guitar, come up with some basic stuff for melody and lyrics and then I sit down and start working...

Rome do not give a lot of concerts. Why? You dont like them? It is possible this year a longer tour after the release of the album?

It is not that easy to organise a good tour. We are still an underground band that has followers around the world, but not too many in one particular country or city. We pretty much rely on organisers to invite us to perform somewhere. We would love to play more, of course, and we will probably go on a bigger tour next year...hopefully.

Now you are signed to Trisol. Why do you change label? Trisol provides more opportunities than CMI for the band?

We felt like we had reached the ned of the line with CMI. Releasing another record with them felt like repeating ourselves, like standing still. Trisol is a logical step for us to take.

When will be the back catalogue available?

We still have to wait a couple of months before all stocks are cleared and then we will re-release all our records on Trisol. I suppose that by the end of this year the first releases will be available again and the rest by mid-2010.

Congratulations on the brilliant new song "To Die Among Strangers"!
How are the reactions for the EP?

Well, there were some weird reactions because people didn't see it as a single. It's not a mini-album, it's just a teaser single to the up-coming album, so some people complained about it being a rip-off. But I believe most people appreciated it for what it was. It's basically just a little limited edition for hard-core fans. The album is the real thing. But from what I hear, people like the new sound and are eager to hear more.

The label compares you to the early Leonard Cohen - what do you think about this?

It is very flattering. I like Cohen a lot. He has been inspirational ever since I was twelve, haha.

Your lyrics are poetic, do you have a favourite poet?

Not really. There are so many. Right now I am reading F.G Lorca and Reinaldo Arenas. But those things change every month. I like reading.

What was the latest album that you bought?

I think that was Nick Cave's Grinderman record...I haven't really bought any CDs recently.

Every musician says the recent album for favourite. But which one is your favourite song from the first three albums?

That's hard. There's some songs that really mean a lot to me. Like "The Torture Detachment" and "Neue Erinnerung". I don't really have a favourite. But I guess if I had to chose I would go for "Der Brandtaucher" because it really works as a song.

You like languages. What do you think about the Hungarian language? Do you know any Hungarian artist?

I don't really know the Hungarian language, sorry. I have an Hungarian friend, though. He will probably do some vocal samples on one of the next records, so I am very interested in how that is going to sound. Endre Ady is the only Hungarian poet or artist that comes to my mind now, I like some of his stuff, but I am no expert in that field.

I read on your website that Rome will perform their first ever U.S. show in September. What do you expect of this festival?

Well, we are very curious about how it will turn out. It's our first show over there, so I am curious to see how many people will show up for us...we'll see. I am sure we will have a great time.

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Mivel az elmúlt hetekben szinte csak ROME-t hallgattam, ezért nagyon megörültem ennek az interjúnak és meglehetõsen várom az új albumot.


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